About us

Cargobayy is Founded by Kevin Truong, a business man and financial advisor with the expertise to jump start a clothing and accessory distributor. Looking for a well rounded way of fulfilling people's everyday wants and needs, Cargobayy is able to do just that with utmost care for customer satisfaction. Being only a new company, founded in 2014, the success of Cargobayy has brought customers in from South America, Middle East, all the way to China.

It's popularity has risen significantly in such a short handed amount of time and continues to grow everyday! Our goal is to reach into the style and liking of every individual to come across Cargobayy leaving them with a positive experience and easy to use service. The catalog continues to grow week by week with new developments in fashion and accessories. Our work consists of ethical standards and here at Cargobayy we always place our customers first.

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